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Virgo & Co.

49 Lawson Road

Seaton Carew 


TS25 1AD

Our Story

Who we are:

We are a sustainable and environmentally friendly brand who believe that interiors can not only look good, but do good too. This is why we have launched Virgo & Co.

Created to raise awareness of, and do our part to address, the issues our planet is facing, we give back 1% of everything we make through 1% for the planet, to help build a sustainable future for all of us. All while providing you, our customers, with ethical and sustainable home textiles, which are made to last.


Our values:

We are a community; from our finance team to our fabric weavers. As such, we ensure our supply chain is 100% ethical and fair to all involved. This means committing to transparency and traceability throughout, as well as ensuring all employees in our supply chain are paid a reasonable wage.

Sustainability is at the core of what we do, which is why we became a 1% for the planet member. Through our donations we support charities tackling issues such as: cleaning up our oceans, tackling deforestation, and reducing water pollution.
We are also helping their mission by doing our part to try to reduce waste on our planet. Not only are we committed to using sustainable materials, but we also ensure that they are long-lasting and high quality, to decrease the amount of resources we use.


What we make:

Luxury home textiles, inspired by nature and designed to last. It's important to us that being sustainable doesn’t mean compromising on the aesthetic of your home.

Quality is at the heart of what we do; we want our products to be something you love for years to come. This is not only great for you but the planet, as it reduces the demand for new resources. We proactively seek out innovations in the textiles industry, using fibres, technologies and practices that ensure we are being as sustainable as possible.