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What is Tencel? And why is it so great?
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What is Tencel? And why is it so great?

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Tencel, the most amazing product which you’ve probably never heard of. Don’t worry, we’re here to enlighten you on this wonder material! We know you’re all busy, so we’ll keep it short and sweet:

wood pulp chips chipping pieces fragments
Thermal regulation abilities

The natural fibres that make up Tencel, are structured in the best way possible to allow the material to control the absorption and release of moisture, allowing it to be highly breathable (as a side note, this moisture control creates a less favourable environment for bacteria, making Tencel more hygienic too!). In turn, this helps to manage your body’s natural thermal regulation. Meaning you’ll be more than prepared for the extra hot summers and icy cold winters that climate change will be bringing your way! 


Tencel uses tree farms that practice sustainability and are Soil Association certified, to harvest wood pulp in to cellulosic fibres. Which, using a highly efficient solvent-spinning process, creates this wonderful little material. We’d love to tell you about all the awards and certifications this manufacturing process has been bestowed, but honestly, it’s just bragging. However, if you want to see all this clever process’ accolades, have a look at Tencel’s website, it’s jam-packed with more information too! 

tencel cushion green cream bed neutral

As previously stated, Tencel is produced from sustainable wood sources, but in turn, that means Tencel products are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Imagine a world where after enjoying years and years with your favourite cushion cover, you could put it in your compost bin, to then one day use it to fertilise your garden. You don’t have to imagine anymore… it’s a reality.

Closed loop process

Now you already know Tencel is sustainable, but what if it could get more sustainable…? You’re in luck! Tencel is produced in a closed loop production process, which means the same resources are used until they no longer can. For example, to produce Tencel, the water is recycled and the solvent for the solvent-spinning process, is reused at a recovery rate of over 99%. 

tencel cushions bedding bed linen
Eco colour technology

Sounds fancy, but what does this mean? By penetrating deep into the Tencel fibres, the colour of the product you receive will be vibrant and less likely to fade. 


Now after hearing all this information about Tencel, we know what you’re thinking next… can it last? Short answer: yes! Slightly longer answer: one characteristic of the Tencel’s fibres are their durability and strength. Therefore, our products aren’t made to break every year so you have to buy a new one; we want you to cherish it for as long as possible. Moreover, Tencel may be strong, but we don’t want you thinking that it isn’t smooth! Even under a microscope Tencel fibres showcase a smooth surface area, meaning, you’ve got one gorgeously soft fabric; perfect for all, even sensitive skin types.

Well hey, can you believe it? That spelled Tencel, that’s a crazy coincidence! We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Tencel and consider bringing more of it into your life and home! All this information has come from the official Tencel website, so check it out if you want to learn more!
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