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The 5 Sustainable Fashion Podcasts you should listen to
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The 5 Sustainable Fashion Podcasts you should listen to

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Love podcasts? Read on to find out our top five picks for learning about sustainability, ethics and the fashion and textiles industry.

Conscious Chatter 

Conscious chatter podcast

Average Length: 40 mins

Must Listen Episode: The Psychology of Fashion - Why we wear what we wear

Bio: In this podcast, Kestrel Jenkins, advocate of sustainability in the fashion space, dives into the issues within the industry. Covering supply chain and consumer behaviours, with her guests she explores what must change, and what we as consumers can do. 

Fashion Fix

Fashion Fix Podcast with Charli Howard BBC Sounds

Average Length: 40 mins

Must Listen Episode: Microplastics with Cyrill Gutsch and Dr Mark Browne

Bio: Hosted by model Charli Howard, this podcast focuses on the fashion consumer, breaking down complex issues and making them super easy to understand. Weekly guests join her to discuss topics such as low pay, microplastics and worker’s rights. 

Wardrobe Crisis 

Wardrobe Crisis Podcast

Average Length: 40 - 50 mins 

Must Listen Episode: Episode 106 - The Eco Awesomeness that is All Birds 

Bio: Wardrobe Crisis is the podcast of Clare Press, the sustainability editor of Vogue Australia. In the weekly episodes she interviews guests from a range of disciplines, such as scientists, academics and entrepreneurs. The podcast covers all things fashion, sustainability, activism and the environment, diving into the impact of the fashion and textile industry on our planet and its people. 


Good + Social Podcast

Average Length: 40 mins

Must Listen Episode: Textile Innovation and Environmental Impact

Bio: This podcast takes a broader look at sustainability, exploring the stories of activists, entrepreneurs and innovators. Each episode is a great way to learn about the innovations across a range of industries and the social good movement. A truly great one for leaving you feeling more optimistic about what the future may hold. 

The Business of Fashion Podcast

The Business of Fashion Podcast

Average Length: 20 - 60 mins

Must Listen Episode: Inside Iran’s Underground Fashion Industry

Bio: The Business of Fashion is an unrivalled resource in the Fashion world, and its podcast is no different. Each episode is thoroughly educational, exploring complex issues within the the fashion and textiles industry with regards to both ethical and sustainability factors. 

Hopefully you will go check out the recommendations, and enjoy them as much as I do! Here at Virgo & Co. sustainability and ethical production are at the heart of the business, and find podcasts a great way to keep updated with what's going on in the industry and find inspiration as to how we can continually innovate and improve. You can find out more about our mission here, or go check out our beautiful sustainable cushions, perfect for your home. 
Katie x